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Music I listen to

metal and country. i'm a redneck punk. bands i like are black sabbath, dio, down, black label society and corrosion of conformity. just to name a few.
as far as country goes i like the old outlaws. willie , waylon, david allen coe, merl haggard, hank and johnny cash to name a few.
what a variation of musicimage

Interesting facts about me

i like to hunt and fish. i like anything that has to do with shooting black powder.
i go to mountain man rendezvous as much as possible and i like to do the cowboy action shooting.
i got into brain tanning after i bought a buckskin coat thinking it was a auethenic mountain man coat only to get it and it looked like a motorcycle coat.
being as historically accurate as possible is very important to me. and i have found in the pass few years the best way to be historically accurate is to make your own gear.
i'm very green when it comes to sewing but i think i'm getting there. i have made a pair of braintan pants a braintan coat and vest along with moccassins. i have also made several braintan shooting bags along with coyote hat. all from hides and skins i've tanned myself.
there are many methods of brain tanning out there and i'm the tinkering sort. so i have to tinker with them all. i learned to braintan from a book and video from matt richards and have had good luck with it. i have as of recent been using the newest dinesmore method to brain tan and i'm quite happy with the results. no slippery hides to mess with.
i recently read jim riggs book on dry scrapping and have robert eartworm's video on dry scrapping and will like to try that method soon.
me and my friend grizz started a web site similiar to this site and invite all to check it out. i think there is something there for everyoneimage

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    hello there Eric here . i do sell shards for fire starting i sell english shards a bucket full for $200.00 bucket are you can buy it in the nodule form and break it up you self for $2.00 lb it is a lot of work. there is way more money in there than $200.00 bucks in a bucket maybe 1000 are more in shards.

    i also sell shard $3.00 each min order 10 plus shipping

    i also have texas chert shards $175.00 bucket

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    Phoenix 1967

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    hey billythebuck, nice to see you join this site, from the thunder one.


    Reply from buckskin billy:

    hey redthunder thanks for looking me up. i've visited over here for a while, so i decieded to go on and join. theres alot of stuff over here